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Q: I want to buy your books! Where should I do that to make sure you get the most money?

Thank you for your support! This is a slightly complicated question, and I apologize in advance for the equally confusing answer:

If you want to buy hardcopies of any of my works
, the best place to get them is through my Allstora affiliate link. The second best is my store.

For ebooks of my traditionally published works (that is, ones that have a publisher listed on their page on this site (e.g. A Taste of Gold and Iron, from TorDotCom Publishing)), please feel free to use whichever retailer you normally get your books from. They're all equal to me in terms of profits.

For ebooks of my indie-published works (that is, ones that don't have a publisher listed on their page here (e.g. Some By Virtue Fall), the best place to get them is my Patreon shop (and no, you do NOT need to be supporting me on Patreon to buy from the shop.)


Regardless of where you purchase the books (or if you borrow them from the library), thank you so much once again for your support, and I hope you enjoy my work!

Q: I already have all your books, but I want to help make sure you have time and energy to write even more! How can I support you with money?

Thank you!!! You can  subscribe to me on Patreon, leave a tip/donation on Ko-fi or Paypal. I love you.

Q: Are there ways to support you without spending money?

Yes, and I love you as well.

  1. A great way to support me is just to come hang out on the Official Chantiverse Discord server!

  2. Recommending my books to your local libraries is always a helpful thing! It's fast, free, and you usually don't have to even make a phone call or leave the house -- check your library's website for a recommendation form.

  3. Being actively enthusiastic about my books on social media, recommending them to your friends, drawing fanart, and generally just talking about them is more helpful than many people realize! It helps my publisher know which books people are excited about so they know how to allocate marketing money, and it REALLY helps new readers find books they'll love!


Q: I'm not good at hyping up books online. Do you have any advice?

There are a couple key things to remember that will instantly improve your success rate:

1. Although I may be a familiar name to YOU, there are LOADS of folks in the world who have never heard of me and don't know why they should be excited about reading Chantiverse. Always assume you're talking to a fresh audience who has somehow missed every previous time you talked about it.

2. This is a fairly solid basic structure for book hype:

"Has everyone read [title]? It's a [positive adjective] fantasy book by Alexandra Rowland about [what it's about], and I love it because [why you love it or why you're enthusiastic for more people to know about it]. [A call to action, e.g. "please read it and tell everyone you know", "go buy it right now" etc.]"

3. Think about the times when you have decided to try a new author, book series, movie, or game. Do you remember if there was something specific that caught your attention, either about the thing itself or about how the person making the recommendation talked about it?  How many times did you have to hear about it before you gave it a shot? After you've thought about this, bear it in mind as you try to replicate those circumstances for a new reader.

Q: I really want to meet other fans of your books, I need a community!

Awesome! Come join the official Chantiverse Discord server -- everyone there is really lovely!

Q: Where can I get notifications about new things you release?

The Discord server (linked above) is the first place that news gets announced. Lurkers are welcome!


If Discord isn't your jam, you can also subscribe to my newsletter. You'll get notified of book releases, as well as other huge pieces of news and  exciting projects I'm working on.

Q: Are you going to write another book about this character I love?

Maybe! All things are possible! For my traditionally published works, there are a lot of other factors that are  involved in that decision, such as book contracts, sales numbers, what seems marketable to my publisher, whether my previous books have sold well, etc. In other words, if you want more supply, you gotta show that there is demand for it -- see the questions above about hyping up books!

Q: Are you going to write another book set in the world of [book]?

Yes! Almost all my fantasy works are part of the Chantiverse.  You can find all books and stories that are set in that world grouped together here!

Q: Is there a recommended reading order for the Chantiverse?

Check out the Reading Order page!

Q: Do you have any projects other than books?

A few! You'll find the ones available for purchase listed on the Books page under Other Works.

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