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Over All the Earth

(March 1, 2022)
WanderMazily Cover3 (2).jpg

High in the mountains, there is a ravine.
Across the ravine, a bridge.
And far below the bridge... a god.

Eisl has lived on the ledge between the ravine and the cliffs since he was born. He has only ever crossed the bridge once—the terror of the god dwelling far beneath it is too much for him to bear. But when a wandering storyteller, named Ylfing and called Chant, arrives in the village, Eisl's longing to see the world of his stories with his own eyes becomes too powerful to resist.

But the ravine, the bridge, and the god are all still there, and if Eisl wishes to free himself and cross over to the other side, he must first face his greatest fear.

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