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 Some by Virtue Fall

(January 25th, 2022)
SBVF - ebook- FINAL.jpg

​By the King’s Edict, men have been banned from performing on stage.

Everyone else is still out for blood.


     Sabajan Hollant, director and co-founder of the celebrated Lord Chancellor’s Players, has one resolution: This time they’re going to do it right. If they want to keep their noble patron—hell, if they want to stay in the theater business at all—they’re going to have to keep their hands clean. No accidents, no rising to other troupes’ provocations and taunts, and certainly no more duelling in the streets.

     But their arch-rivals have different plans, and soon enough, Saba and her troupe are caught up once again in an escalating drama of revenge, betrayal, and outright sabotage.


     The men may have started this war. . . but Saba and her remaining players are going to end it.

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